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Do Pegasus Courses offer certificates after course completion?

26 Apr 2024

Pegasus Courses offer online certificates customized according to each course to every candidate who has successfully completed any course with us. Whenever students enroll for a particular course, on course completion, they will receive a certificate according to the course that they have opted for.

All certificates will be awarded by the course instructor, who will have full control over the contents & details of the certificate. Once the instructor designs the certificate for a particular course, it will be cross-verified by us to ensure that our students get the best value for their time & effort.

All the online certificates will be mailed to each student on course completion. Plus, all our awarded certificates are not only legitimate but also recognisable by even the most reputable global companies.

Pegasus Courses award online certificates that are easy to access and send to recruiters or any other concerned people quickly. Online certificates also mean that there will be no hassle to store or preserve them for the future.